The card they said would never arise. Pun intended.

Who listens to critics anyways? They always lie. We'll guarantee you one thing... when you're at the store and look down at your balance before a purchase, Arisen will never lie about your balance. If you want a card that stands for truth and your freedoms, you found the right project. 100% community driven.

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I hate banks kid

It's all about card robotics.

Some folks call them contracts, we call them robotics. aSwipe is completely powered on the Arisen network and is built to power the future of decentralized credit & debit card payments for Arisen citizens and users, completely powered through Arisen network's robotic formulas.

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aSwipe Robotics
End of government election fraud

The code is the law.

Considering our Governance and the entire Arisen network were built around the principles of self-regulation, aSwipe-based dApps and products not only work through many forms of robotics but users are also safe from fraud and abuse. Arisen Citizens and Arise network users all have the the ability to submit complaints and abuse claims to Arisen State courts instantly online and have their funds secured within minutes.

  • How To Submit a Claim? keyboard_arrow_right
    You can easily submit an "Emergency" or "Standard" claim that will be received instantly by our dPolice and community Governance for review. Emergency claims are typically processed within an hour on a case-by-case basis and the Governance can hold an emergency vote to freeze funds on certain accounts, in order to protect those funds. For more information on submitting claims, please head over to our Arisen Legal resources.
  • How Are My Funds Protected? keyboard_arrow_right
    At any time during the claim process, the Holy Governance may move to freeze funds to protect funds for a user who has issued a claim and proven themselves as the owner of the account in question.
  • Is This Still Decentralized? keyboard_arrow_right
    It depends on your definition of decentralized. For us, we built these solutions for transparency and openness, as well as creating fairness within industries that don't typically focus on a fair process for their customers. We do not see lawlessness as a form of decentralization. Although, considering all policies including this one are controlled and voted on by the community, can therefore be amended at anytime.
aSwipe mission
You can support our mission to free global payment networks.

There are more ways than one, to support our mission to free global payment networks through what our aSwipe community missionaries are innovating every single day. Learn more about how you can help out and join our mission today!

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The Arisen Network
Arisen powers the most expansive decentralized toolset & community ever created.

In a way, the world gave us lemons and we really have produced lemonade in more ways than one. Learn more about the Arisen network and our missionaries' goal to decentralize everything

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“They can take it all but they'll never take our vision.”
- Jared Rice Sr. - Original Arise Founder

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