aSwipe Robotics

Learn more about aSwipe's robotics built-in to Arisen's core blockchain systems framework.

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aSwipe Functionality

Learn more about the features of the aSwipe's systems contract within the Arisen Core blockchain framework.

Create Debit Cards

Instantly create debit cards completely on-chain, where card data is issued back via the aOS-based API.

Issue Debit Cards

Instantly issue debit cards to an Arisen user account through aOS's API or using Arisen's many blockchain SDKs.

Transfer Debit Cards

Transfer an issued debit card from one user to another, instantly and completely on-chain using aOS's API or any Arisen blockchain SDK.

Add Money To Balance

Add any Arisen-Integrated cryptocurrency that is within the balance of an Arisen users' aBank balance, directly onto their debit card for spending.

Subtract Money From Balance

Subtract any Arisen-integrated cryptocurrency that is within the balance of a debit card, from the debit card and back into a user's core balance or subtracted permanantely due to purchase.

Get Balance By Currency

Easily retreive the cryptocurrency balance, per-asset for any debit card, completely outside of a user's normal balance, using aOS's API.

Get Card Balance

Get a combined balance total, combining the balance of all assets for a particular currency output, through aOS's API.

Currency Max-Supply Per-Card

Easily set a max-supply for a particular asset or currency, on a per-debit card basis.

Currency Statistics

Retreive global currency/asset statistics for spending, completely on-chain for debit cards operating within the aSwipe systems contract.

View the code for aSwipe's system contract
View the systems contract for aSwipe

aSwipe's systems contract is completely open source and follows the Arisen Network Constitution for transparency.

View The Code On GitHub
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